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Our aim is to bring the wonderful world of Asian cuisine into the heart of everyone’s home.

We have developed a fully functional Tandoor Oven easily installed into any home cooking environment.

Britain’s desire for Indian food continues to grow. While restaurants and takeaways have our taste buds tingling, tandoor-i have created the world’s first home tandoor, combining age-old methodology with 21st century design and technology.

Usually reserved only for the industrial restaurant world, the Tandoor Oven has been the work horse in Asian restaurants across the globe. Originating from traditional home cooking c5,000 years ago, it’s now time for that ancient technology to be transferred easily and cost effectively into your own home.

About Us

We are a new company with big ideas.

Tandoor-i is the brainchild of British inventor Nick Jones, founder of Integrated Tandoor Oven Ltd.

His stylish fully integrated tandoor oven is about to spark a revolution in home cooking and destined to be the centrepiece of modern kitchens.
The Lancashire-based entrepreneur, with a deep-rooted passion for Indian food, studied the ancient technology of the tandoor before building his ‘Tandoor-i’ oven.

Nick’s research has seen the development of an oven that allows creative homeowners to produce succulently caramelised authentic Indian food in their own kitchens.

Sourcing the best materials from India, he has commissioned handmade traditional Clay Pots produced in Delhi and combined this with high end British materials. The completed units will be built in Lancashire.

Nick comments: “People have assumed that the tandoor can only be used in a restaurant but that’s definitely not the case. We have developed a traditional oven that allows cooks of all abilities to spice up their home cooking with Indian cuisine produced in an authentic fashion.”

Nick has designed the Tandoor-i to give novice cooks the tools to dish up fantastic tasting spicy cuisine, plus provides even the most discerning chefs, the opportunity to make many restaurant recipes that are currently impossible to serve up at home.

This revolution in home cooking appears to have arrived just at the right time. The desire in the UK for traditional Indian fare continues to grow. The number of Indian restaurants has risen from 7,940 in 2000 to around 9,500 in 2015.

He added: “The most popular dish served in restaurants at the weekend is Chicken Tikka Masala and there’s been a huge tidal wave of people wanting to cook authentic Indian food at home.

Ken Hom led the revolution on how to cook decent Chinese food and Indian food is about to get the same opportunity.”

Our Brand Ambassador, Chef Atul Kochhar, has racked up more appearances on Saturday Kitchen than any of his contemporaries.

The market suggests people want to experiment more and more with Indian food and Tandoor-i gives them a chance to do just that.

Nick Jones

Nick Jones

Inventor of Tandoor-i

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