Spice things up in your kitchen with the new Tandoor-i, used by chef Atul Kochhar

Jul 25, 2017 | News | 0 comments

It’s time to bring some heat back into the kitchen.

With the popularity of Indian cuisine rapidly growing, home technology has had to develop to keep up.  Tandoor-i is the latest in the realm of exotically-inspired ovens – which claims to be the world’s first fully integrated tandoor oven, that can easily fit into your home kitchen.

This incredible invention will allow the creation of authentically styled Indian dishes right from the comfort of your home. We spoke to the founder and inventor, Nick Jones about the story behind the design…

What is the Tandoor-i oven?

“Tandoor-i is the world’s first fully integrated Gas Fired tandoor for the home kitchen. It will install fully integrated, much like a dishwasher, until you need it, then you simply remove the lid, fire it up and away you go.”

What is the story behind the design? Did you have any particular inspiration?  

“My Anglo/Irish roots didn’t really expose me to Indian cooking; the best I had growing up was Sharwood’s curried mince with plain rice, however, at the age of 19 I found myself at Birmingham uni and the rest is history. I fell in love with curries.

During uni, I experimented with lots of foods: Italian, Chinese and of course Indian but there was always something missing – you just couldn’t get the Naan to taste the same or the Chicken Tikka etc. I swore then and there that one day I’ll own a Tandoor.

Fast forward into my 40’s I was in a position to build a dream kitchen, so went looking for the integrated Tandoor – it didn’t exist, so, I made one. I redesigned one and had it built by a high-end British manufacturer to my specifications. Once installed it started to gather some interested amongst friends and family, one of whom suggested there was a gap in the market and business to be built, so here we are.”

How large are the models?

“Model 1 is 800mm wide and 815mm deep, while Model 2 will be 600mm wide and 600mm deep and will be available Autumn 2017. Both models are gas fired and each will come fully equipped with a set of accessories, skewers, Naan hook etc.”

This is brand new product on the market, so, when it is available, where will we be able to buy it?

“First route to market is through high-end kitchen showrooms, then, when the smaller Model 2 comes on board, we might broaden this out to the higher end of the high street too.”

“[The Tandoor-i is about] ‘food theatre’ in the home. The skewers and Naan making are particularly entertaining and always draw a crowd of guest to gather round,” Nick surmised.

The unique creation is also a hit with chef, restaurateur and TV personality Atuk Kochhar, who commented: “With the Tandoor-i oven it’s so easy to achieve restaurant standard food from the comfort of your own home. The Tandoor is at the heart of Indian cooking, which delivers healthy and delicious dishes that are cooked to perfection time after time.”

For those partial to a little spice, this unique product will definitely help you get creative in the kitchen!

Tandoor-i | tandoor-i.com


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